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Our focus is on the advance and innovative technology, trustworthy and reliable. CCTECH is a trustworthy provider of advanced technology products for military industries seeking quality and performance. We always seek to fulfill clients' needs to meet their missions. CCTECH strives to become the most trusted supplier of tomorrow's military technology. We select our partners carefully, choosing the highest-quality, leading technology that offers the best solution. Our long term relationships with our international partners, mostly from the US, Canada, Australia, and Europe, allow us to provide excellent products, services, and maintenance.

CCTECH was founded in 2017 under the concept "Service Thailand better than ever." We were established as the representatives of innovative products that help our clients achieve their goals. Today, CCTECH provides efficiencies and a new experience for defense and security to both the Royal Thai Navy and Thai Police through our technology.



NEXX360 offers a 360˚ view up to Full HD in real time over 4G/5G/Wi-Fi AP together with A.I Analytics such as face recognition.

EMILY Hydronalix

Hydronalix specialize in extreme performance of small unmanned vehicles both for water and air. EMILY: sea &water rescue, Sonar AMY: Search & Scan, NIX: Tacticle UAS


Rotinor offer an innovative DPD as the combat-diver the ability to transport himself and his equipment over long distances

with for all professional applications equipped with modern navigation and sonar technology.

Long range camera

Infiniti combines the most advanced electro optics and video surveillance technologies into customized products that meet our client’s specific requirements.

Aqual Barrier

offer an innovative product for contemporary cofferdams and flood control



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